Algester Parkinson Lions Club

District 201Q1 Queensland Australia

Privacy Statement

Multiple District 201 of Lions Clubs International Inc (ABN 63 592 786 032) (Multiple District) acknowledges and respects its obligations under the Privacy Act 1998 (as amended by the national Privacy Amendment {Private Sector} Act 2000) and its associated 10 National Privacy Principles (NPPs).

The Multiple District is therefore taking all reasonable steps to comply with the Act and to protect the privacy of any personal or corporate information held by it.

The Multiple District collects and holds personal information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers and the like for the primary purpose that such information was collected. This includes information required by the Multiple District in order to acquaint members, or other individuals in the community, with particulars of activities and projects undertaken by the Multiple District and/or by any District comprising the Multiple District.

Normally, the personal information is collected from the members or other individuals concerned. It is acknowledged that members, or other individuals, are under no obligation to provide the information however, if certain information is not provided the Multiple District will not be able to fulfil its obligations or provide the service requested. Most information is stored in the National Office under the supervision of the Executive Officer.

The Multiple District takes all reasonable steps to protect the security of the personal information held by it, whether stored in electronic or hard copy form. Subject to the exceptions contained in the Act and NPPs, each member, or other individual, may gain access to his or her personal information held by the Multiple District subject to the payment of reasonable expenses incurred in extracting such information.

Our website

A person may use our website anonymously but any information which a person chooses to submit to us will be treated in accordance with this Policy.

Our internet service provider may record details of visits to our site and when visiting our site your visit may be logged and the following information collected:

The website visit information listed above is collected for statistical and research purposes only and will only be utilised internally by the organisation.

The gaining of access by any member, or other individual, to his or her personal information will be facilitated by contacting:

The Privacy Officer Rob Oerlemans Multiple District 201 of Lions Clubs International Inc 31-33 Denison St, Newcastle West 2302, Telephone: (02) 4940 8033 Facsimile: (02) 4940 8034